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19th of May 2017 03:38 AM
Dream big just don't get lost in the blessings, remember the prayers that sheltered u through struggles, the family that stood by your side when everyone turned and left when u we're at your worst, remain humble in your success because the teaching and wisdom was not yours but the Creator that blessed you in wisdom and teachings, remember your ancestors as u walk in the world of illusion and manipulation, these are only distractions to keep u from the love n happiness that's been given to u by the Creator and Mother Earth, know the value u hold and blessings u are, we are all one no less, no more, no better, One Prayer One Love #honorlife
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Alex Kav from DRONEGEAR talking the power of drones and how Dean and I met and the amazing documenting he's done.
18th of May 2017 07:50 PM
Prayers today for everyone dealing with struggles and sickness of all nature, the ones locked up for standing up for Unci Maka, the ones traveling, prayers for getting them there safe, for the ones holding down camps, cooking for others, teaching the youth, the ones finding new ways to save land and water, all who work together for a cause greater then themselves, it's truly a beautiful struggle to walk this journey for us all but I wouldn't have it any other way, I believe the one who truly carry the passion to bring change will do so, my prayers are daily with u all, love n prayers for our youth to our elders and to all our relations.... 🙏🏽 #honorlife Relatives In Prayer
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Drone2bwild will always remember Shiyé Bidzííl and the one drone that started it all🙏🏽✊🏽
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Drone2bwild will always be remember for what it did for all the media
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Some more work of aerial shots of some visual action with Shiyé Bidzííl
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More work from Shiyé Bidzííl boy Rachael Falcon just loves how he fly that drone just wild!!!
18th of May 2017 10:31 AM Link
This is why the drones were so important to the movement
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The cams first huge snowstorm
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Drums songs and drones
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We need to be talking about this!
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The only place you'll see song drones and prayers to bring out and embrace environmental injustice. Orlando Cruz Will acknowledge the sky's and pray and sing to rain down such blessings to the damaged and contaminated lands to heal them with music and medicine. Shiyé Bidzííl & Rachael Falcon support him and together we will bring a new kind of media to the movement and resistance.
17th of May 2017 10:11 PM Link
Orlando Cruz

The newest in the most unique pilot to welcome to the team of drone2bwild acknowledged as the first hand drum drone pilot. He will embrace the beats of the sky and you will soar with the voice of truth for the people and for the contaminated lands of our forgotten ancestors!!!
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